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       Philippe Marin, President of the SFEAP

Dear colleagues and members

More than one year ago, you have elected a new board with the objectives to pursue the excellent work of previous management teams of SFEAP and to strengthen some actions to increase the visibility of our community, especially for our younger colleagues, both nationally and internationally.

That is why the scholarships that are given by SFEAP to participate in scientific meetings in France or abroad have been maintained despite a difficult budgetary context for our society. This effort will continue, as well as support for the “Club-Jeunes” (Young members club). It is also in this context that a European Club-Jeunes (YPIC) was created by EuPA on the spur of SFEAP and Odile Schiltz (board chair of SFEAP). The objective of YPIC is to promote exchanges between young scientists from different European countries working in the field of proteomics and to increase their international visibility through the implementation of modern communication tools. The YPIC will also organize an annual scientific meeting as a satellite of the EUPA Congress. Each European proteomic society has now appointed its representative to YPIC and a budget of € 5,000 has been freed by EuPA for the YPIC activities and the organization of a first meeting that will take place at the Istanbul Congress.

Another need is a wider opening of the SFEAP to other scientific communities. With that respect, the SMAP2017 congress in Marne La Vallée will be organized jointly with not only the SFSM (French Mass Spectrometry Society), but also with the Francophone Network of Metabolomics and Fluxomics (RFMF), and so will gather a wider audience. The organization of future conferences in conjunction with one or more societies of neighboring countries will be similarly encouraged, but of course without competing with EuPA Congresses.

To develop and intensify these actions, the SFEAP needs your active participation and your support. Thus you are invited to join the SFEAP / SFSM scientific day whose the program should satisfy a wide audience and also our annual meeting which will take place in Chambery in 2016 and for which we encourage our members to submit numerous abstracts for posters and oral communications. Do not hesitate to contact the members of the SFEAP board if you want to make suggestions.

Feel free also to send text or information you want to see published in our Mag. Finally, we rely on you to be as many as possible to join the SFEAP or renew your membership and publicize our society and its activities.

The SFEAP mission is to be in the French community working in the field of proteomics service and to promote our field in France and abroad. You can count on SFEAP as it is counting on you!

Looking forward to seeing you all in Chambery,

Best regards,


Philippe MARIN


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